Why am I studying Naturopathy?

As many of you know I’ve started my studies in the Advance Diploma of Naturopathy, which is something I started 3 years ago, because I was pregnant with Marcella and everything hit the fan, so things had to go on hold while I recovered from that experience. I’ve now 80% recovered and ready to launch back into my passion.  One of my first assignments for the course is to write why I’m doing it. I only got 500 words to write it in, which of course is not a lot of words to write why your passionate about something.  Anyhow I thought I would share that with you, and I would love to hear what your passionate in. 

Here goes I hope you enjoy. 


” My decision to study naturopathy is based on a number of things, first being my own health and experience with allopathic medicine. It began 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby and I developed gestational diabetes. My family had a history of diabetes and I had seen how poorly they controlled it.

So when I got my diagnosis of GD I was determined to understand what was going on. After much research I discovered that insulin in pregnancy increases the risk of still birth during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. When I discussed this information with my doctor I was then belittled and cruelly treated. I was simply a person that wanted to actively achieve the best outcomes for my baby and myself, and looking to be given good advice to be able to achieve that.

While I know the medical team would take extra care to prevent death in my baby, I thought that I should have the right to be able to know the risks of all medication and then be given the choice of determining if those risk were something I was willing to take, or could I avoid that risk altogether. If possible that was the road that I wanted to take.

That was the start of my seeking to understand role nutrition play on our health. From there as our family grew I researched more, and became increasingly interested in treating our common issues with simply things that could be found in our own garden and at the supermarket. Next was my husband’s IBS. He has struggle with it all his life and it only got worst when he had his appendix removed. So we took the plunge to start the GAPS Diet by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride. Through this we saw many benefits for our whole family, and for the first time in years we could see noticeable differences in my husbands mental and physical health.

While we where having great results I started documenting our journey, recipes, meal plans, highs and lows on my blog. I started getting people contact me about helping them start out their journey with GAPS and began giving cooking demonstrations as well as small group talks about our experience with GAPS.

After 8 months on the diet I was pregnant with out 7th baby. This pregnancy was a stressful one from 7 weeks, which lead to the loss of one of our twins, placenta previa and undiagnosed placenta precreta. Precreta is a life threatening pregnancy condition where the placenta grows through the uterus and then starts attaching to nearby organs. My placenta had eaten through my uterus, attached to my urethra, bladder and major blood vessels. I needed major surgery, a hysterectomy, bladder reconstruction, 5 days on life support, 134 units of blood and several operations to help me survive. After a very long recovery and being extremely weak, having to rebuild muscles and health, I have been re inspired with the importance of being able to put our bodies into balance.

I love how the body is so connected and when we pay attention and listen to it, we are able to help it come into balance. I have a natural ability and strong desire to help others experience the best in their lives, including health as a whole person.”

Blessings and thanks for reading. 


PS. You can read the full story of Marcella’s Birth here.


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