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Hi all!

It’s been a while since I have given a personal update, so…

I have been studying hard, smashing through exams and assignments and increasing my knowledge everyday through research and working with clients.  GAPS has always been a big part of my mindset for the last 3-4 years.  At that time, we had been on GAPS for 8 months and had done two rounds of the introductory stages when I found out that I was pregnant.  I found that for the first time in pregnancy I had not been sick from day one, and I actually never felt sick at all until the day we lost one of our twins.  Sadly, that day was the also the birthday of one of my other children. Having this unexpected, heartbreaking event happen on a birthday, we reached out to takeaway food to make it a bit easier. To help celebrate our daughter’s birthday before spending the rest of the day the hospital we took the children to MacDonalds;  then after a long day at the hospital we stopped at KFC on the way home.  Grief stricken and confused, the poor food choices continued as we reached for easy things to feed our family as we walked a journey of finding our we lost one twin, not knowing if we still had a live remaining baby, more bleeding, more scans, more diagnosis, bed rest followed by  emergency delivery, life support, ICU, massive blood transfusions, and what was to be a very long emotional recovery. For those who don’t know here is the full survival story.

After surviving percreta it was always my intent to get back to GAPS and use it to help my body and recover from all the surgery, drugs, and interventions it had endured in the process of keeping me alive.   To say that it took a long time was an understatement, but I did have a lot to deal with- PTSD, recovery, rebuilding energy, having a really weak immune system and catching everything that was going… and of course depression.

The depression I feel, came from a number of causes- one of which was all antibiotics and medication that I needed.  My gut flora was completely wiped out!  Don’t get me wrong I was in a situation that needed it, and am thankful to be here, but in the state I was in, I wasn’t able to be proactive and focus on rebuilding and repair on my own.  My husband did try and help me but with limited finance and cooking skills, he didn’t have what it took to carry our family in the strictness that is needed when doing GAPS properly, so when I could, I would make GAPS meals, and when finances allowed I brought GAPS supplements.  I used things like the HCG diet to help me get some control back. As I started to make the changes and regain my health, we were able to add more and more of GAPS back into our life, then once we had finally we got through all the birthdays, we were in a much better space and made the leap to go completely back to full GAPS.


Some of the reasons we decided to go back on GAPS:

1. Ben’s healing hadn’t finished  before we came off GAPS.

2. I needed seriously to repair and restore my gut health.

3. Some of our children struggled with anxiety from my near death.

– Just to name a few.


With the timing right and feeling ready we took the leap again, and so glad we did.  We have been back on GAPS for coming up to 2 months now and seen so many positive results some we were not even thinking about.



Xavier is my 6th child and born at 35 weeks, with a multi drug resistant blood infection at birth and a hole in his lung and shortly after birth he developed pneumonia.   Growth and size wise you couldn’t really tell a difference between him and other children his age, but development-wise you could tell he was delayed. My other children all walked at 9,10 or 11 months, yet  He didn’t start walking (first steps) until 16 months. Speech was also delayed. He always did this thing were he would finally learn a word and then forget any other words that he had learnt. He either knew to say Mum or Dad but it wasn’t until late 2’s, 3’s that he would say them both,  He was incredibly shy, didn’t give eye contact and wouldn’t take food from anyone outside of our immediate family.  He barely ate while I was in hospital and being cared for by others. When I took him for his school readiness check with the local health nurse, he wasn’t able to participate in most of the test some because of his shyness and some because he wasn’t able to communicate with the health nurse. I could tell during that examination that she thought he has autism and that I needed to get him accessed. But I knew we were gearing up to go back on GAPS.   So looking at it on paper he really needed GAPS as well.


So far we have seen a number of results, my metabolic system is healing, blood sugars are regulated, liver is detoxing, i am losing weight again, my eyes are changing and you can see the toxins in my digestives system reducing and more of my true eye colour is coming through.iridology improvement We have seen improvements from Ben and a reduction in some of the behavioural issues that we have seen in some of the other children as well, but the results that keep me falling of my chair at the moment are the ones that we have seen in Xavier!  All of a sudden is speaking more, retaining more information; interacting with us, friends and others in the community (which he would never have done before), holding conversations, learning and even getting himself a drink at the tap (and turning it off properly).  The amount of times that Ben and I have turned to each other and said, “did you just see that?” or “did you just hear that?” are too many to count. To say that we have seen leaps in his development is an understatement and one big reasonI’m so glad that we have finally made the leap back into GAPS!


So far we have seen a number of results, my metabolic system is healing, blood sugars are regulated, liver is detoxing, i am losing weight again, my eyes are changing and you can see the toxins in my digestives system reducing and more of my true eye colour is coming through.

Christina Mathewson



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