Warm Grain Free Muesli

Warm Grain Free Muesli

 Warm winter1

 Warm Grain Free Muesli

 Being on a Grain free or Gluten free diet can at times present with a lack of choices when it comes to  breakfast! In the West we have become accustomed to eating cereals for breakfast, whether it be in the  form of toast, packaged cereal, Oats, Muesli. etc.
 So making a change and taking grains out of your diet for good, or just a time means that you need to  sometimes rethink breakfast.

With a household of children that have in the past enjoyed those breakfast choices means that at times  they get over having eggs, and the many different forms you can present them!  So here is my take on a  grain free breakfast, served with a good dollop of home made yoghurt.


( Serves 6)

4 apples sliced
1 cup sultanas

1 cup peanuts
3 tsp of cinnamon
2 TB of Butter ( could also be coconut oil)
2 TB of coconut oil
1 TB of Honey.
Homemade yoghurt to serve.


1. Fry apples in butter and coconut oil until soft.
2. Add cinnamon to the pan. Stir well.
3. Add sultanas, peanuts, and honey to the pan, stir well and heating through.

4. Serve with some homemade Yoghurt.
*Note: You can use any nuts, seeds, and fruit that works for your family, you could also you coconut kefir, yoghurt, or Cream for a dairy free breakfast. You could even sneak in a little chicken broth if you are having trouble getting broth into your children.

A really nice change this morning, and there was only licked clean bowls left over.

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