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As many of you would know from following my blog, I have had two of my babies pre-term.  Xavier was born at 35 weeks, with a hole in his lung, a multi-drug resistant blood infection which then developed into Pnemonia, in other words, he certainly was one sick little guy. Marcella, being my percreta baby, was born at 36 weeks after my placenta abrupted. Both were very lucky to make it through, and praise God that they did!  Since Marcella’s birth I have been involved with an organisation called Life’s Little Treasures.  When I was still on life support my husband received a prem babies pack with information that helped him. When I was well enough and emotionally starting to recover from the birth I started going to the LLT’s play group once a month in the hope of finding other mum’s with accreta, but also having that connection with families that had been through similar experiences that I also had.


Well, Oct 26th was ‘National Walk for Prem’s day’ to help support and bring awareness to the great work that Life’s Little Treasures is doing to help support families in during this challenging time in their lives. Also this year we were given the opportunity to go in teams and design our own shirts, so of course I headed up the Hope for Accreta Team in Tasmania, and my family had the chance to walk, in remembrance of the baby we lost, but also in celebration of the two babies (and myself) that made it. (Yep, I was a prem too!).

Here are some photos from the day.

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The weather was not great, which was unfortunate but we all had a great time. We all wore our Hope for Accreta shirts, helping to bring awareness of the life threatening condition.  After the walk there was face painting, sausage sizzle, music and general fun, and we are definately all looking forward to doing it again next year.


And incase you missed it, here is my interview with ABC Radio helping with publicity before the event.


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9 Responses

  1. It’s great to know that their are such amazing groups that help others when in need and that participating in walks like this make all the difference. Awareness is the first step! Thank you for sharing your story. x

  2. Christine says:

    Beautiful family! What a great cause you’re bringing awareness to, and what an amazing story you have with your life and bringing your children into the world. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sandra says:

    What a gorgeous family, and what an amazing story!

  4. Kerry Spina says:

    What a gorgeous and heart felt story! It’s wonderful to know that there a amazing groups out there supporting and making a difference in the world. My baby was born almost 4 weeks early. Your story touched my heart. Thank you.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, thank you. It’s a healing experience to get together with others that have been through a similar experience. To know your not alone.

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