Twelve Causes – Guest Post.

Today Guest Post is Written by Emma Hill from

Twelve Causes“.

She shares with us how and why she created Twelve Causes.

I hope you feel inspired and encouraged after reading what she has to share. 

For the last few summers I have been having stalls at markets around Launceston. I have had friends accompany me along the way and we have raised money for different organisations. Many people have donated to the stall so we had a variety of things to sell, therefore having a couple of hundred dollars to give at the end of each market day. It was great. I love the vibe of markets, spending time with a friend doing a market together and being able to give to a cause at the end of the day.

Emma Hill


In April of this year I had a baby boy which made me re-think how to do markets and raise money. Initially I had a friend donate some things she no longer wanted to go towards my next market stall. I only like to do the markets during the warmer months – considering I live in Tassie – and with now having a baby, I wasn’t sure when I would do a stall next. I also did not want to accumulate many things at home considering my husband and I are moving into a bus over the summer. This prompted me to think about how I could raise money for causes without going to markets and have a place to sell our things as we downsize. I also wanted a place for others to donate and be a part of the giving.


Facebook is an amazing tool to reach many people. There are so many groups and pages and they reach the people interested in following these groups. So I decided to start up a simple page to buy and sell items and have the money go to a different cause each month. The link is:


I thought of the name Twelve Causes, as I would like the group to give to a cause each month of the year. Then people know when they are donating/selling/buying where the money is going. I want it to be an inclusive group where people can buy and sell on the page themselves like any other buy and sell page and contribute towards the different causes.


I am deeply challenged by the life Jesus lived and his heart for the poor and struggling. He asks his followers to sell their things and give to the poor. I want to be able to do this to some capacity and to encourage others in this as I am aware that we have more than we need in the West. I am also challenged by the quote “live simply so that others may live.” It’s only by practically and deliberately living simply, with the intention of giving more to those in need, that this quote takes on its full meaning in our lives.


I also love the ethos around recycling and passing things on that we no longer want or need to others who would have uses for these things. So much of what we purchase these days is embedded within a culture of slavery and I hate that I would be knowingly contributing to this. By recycling things we no longer want or need we eliminate the cycle of buying from big corporations that are ripping off the individual who made the product and, often, lives in abject poverty and abuse.


These are some of the causes we have given to and plan to give to, with many more to donate to. At the start of each month it is mentioned who we are giving to. At the end of the month I share how much has been raised.

  • Lotus Child (Orphanges in Vietnam)

  • The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission (Orphanage in India)

  • MSF – Doctors Beyond Borders

  • Mercy Ships

  • Destiny Rescue

  • Gospel for Asia


  • City Mission in Launceston

  • Karinya House in Launceston

  • Anglicare



Thankyou kindly for your support and donations.

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