The New 7 Seater SUV’s – Adventure!

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If you know me in real life or from facebook -world you might also know that since recovering from Marcella’s birth, during which I came very close to dying, I have taken up the challenge of improving my health, fitness, strength and well being, in doing that my family and I have become regular walkers.


We have had some great fun catching up with friends while walking the local tracks, hiking hills to check out waterfalls and exploring some of the forests around our local area. We are becoming Adventurous!


I love seeing my children getting excited about the new places we are going and the things that we are seeing.


Well today’s adventure was a little different.

Today the children and I went and checked out the New 7 Seater SUV’s from Land Rover.


WOW! Talk about drool!

 This Car was amazing, and had all the bells and whistles.

Designed to fit 7 adults there is plenty of room for a family and to say comfortable would be an understatement.


Checking out this vehicle today got us all excited about the new adventures that are waiting for us in the future, and the sorts of things we could do as a family if we had one of these. This vehicle makes 4WD easy for anyone, with lots of applications and tools for even the newbie adventurer!


With a variety of available extras helping to make the journey that much more enjoyable for the whole family,

we really enjoyed our experience with the SUV,  so for a  test drive  contact your local dealership.

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  1. wow! The should give you one! I could go travelling in one of those no worries.

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