“That Sugar Film” – Awesome!


I had the pleasure of going to “That Sugar Film” by Damon Gameau with my good friend and fellow blogger Kelli from Changing Meal Habits.


Wow was I glad I got to go!

I highly recommend it to everyone. I personally plan on going back with my children before the session closes.

Damien has such a great way of presenting that will leave you in stitches! He takes what is quiet a serious topic, the health of the world and the growing sickness and disease epidemic and presents it in a way the everyday person can understand. You don’t need to have a background in medicine or even a general understanding of any big words to fully understand the points of this film.

The general premise of the film is that Damon puts his health on the line to show us what the “hidden sugar” is doing to our body, and all calories are not equal!

Damon had been sugar free for 3 years prior to undertaking the making of this project, during which under medical supervision he set about the challenge of consuming 40 tsps of sugar a day, which is the average daily intake for most men. He also set the challenge of not eating it the form of what everyone would consider to be junk food like fizzy drinks, chocolate, lollies extra. He did it with food that is considered to be healthy.

Filled with humour, interesting visuals, exciting cameos and informative information this is an awesome film that I hope everyone gets to see.  I highly recommend the film. You can check out more details at the web site www.thatsugarfilm.com where you will find information about screenings, download for free Damon’s “Post experiment recipes” ebook, check out the book, and tools for signing up your school.


I also was really glad to have gone to the opening of the movie in Launceston as the audience was blessed with a special treat of a questions and answers session after the viewing, with both Damon Gameau and Dr Gary Fettke. What a privilege to have the opportunity asked both these men questions and get honest answers from them.

So go check out the movie, buy a ticket for a friend, buy a copy of the book and share the love around.


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  1. Oh I’m waaaaaay too scared to see this! I try not to eat too much sugar but I love it so much!

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