Sour Dough Crepes – With Caramel Pineapple

Sour Dough Crepes – with Caramel Pineapple.


2 cups of Sour Dough Starter,
2 eggs,
2 TB honey, (or sweetener of your choice)
1 TB Cinnamon
coconut oil, butter, ghee.
Extra honey to taste.
1 Pineapple, fresh or canned (if you can’t get fresh)
Homemade Yoghurt or  Coconut Cream.


1. Combine all ingredients, in a pouring jug.
2. Heat a pan, and add your oil or butter.
3. Once warm, start adding the batter, creating the desired crepe size.
4. Once bubbles start to appear in the batter, you now your crepe is ready to flip.
5. Cook for a few minutes on the other side, and then serve.

Carmel Pineapple

1. Cut one whole Pineapple into pieces,
2. Cook Pineapple in a pan with coconut oil or butter, and honey to taste.
3. Keep stirring as it cooks and heats through.
4. Once you see the pineapple starting to soften, it’s ready to serve.


Serve crepes with pineapple and homemade yoghurt or coconut cream.
– Christina


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