Play N’ Wrap – Product Review.

Hello Lovelies,

I have something great to share with you today.  The New Play N’ Wrap – Hobby Mat.


I have to say that one of the things that we struggle with in our house is organisation, and in particular keeping toys organised and tidy.  With a household of 7 children, I can safely say that we aren’t short of toys, but we are short of creative ways of storing and keeping them organised!  We live in a small three bedroom house, so creative ideas is what we need!!!!!

When visiting friends, over a year ago, I saw a very similar product that they were using to play and store there lego. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Lego is one of those toys that children get everywhere and seems to take ages to pack up, well it does in our house, and oh gosh there is always one or two that they miss in the clean up that you undoubtedly end up treading on in the middle of the night,  then silently screaming because of the pain and the desire not to wake everyone up.  However, with the play n wrap you just push all the lego (toys) onto the mat and pull the draw strings and it’s just like it packs itself up!

But not just that, it’s a storage container!.  I can hang it on the back of the playroom door, so it’s not taking up floor space, which is prized at our house.

I have wanted one of these from the moment I saw it at their house,  however I’ve never seen one in the stores, and not had the money when I have found them online, so I was more than thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try one out and review it!  ( happy dance)

…….and it is all that I had hoped it would be.

The Play N’ Wrap is made of 100% cotton, soft and comfortable for little bodies,  it’s 1.40 metres in diameter which is a good size for several of the children to play on, and perfect for our Duplo collection, the colours are very gender neutral, and my favourite, it is designed and developed in Australia!

This would make a great present for both parents and children, with Christmas coming up, -wink wink.

*That is one of my pet things, we often receive gifts and have no way (right at that time) to store them, so pieces and parts go missing, and by the time we do get around to finding a storage solution most of it is missing. I’m sure it’s grown legs and walked off, while waiting.

So here are some photos of eldest and youngest exploring and trying out the mat.





Running away with it.

I can honestly say that after trying it out for several weeks, I have not found anything I don’t like about it. If you are looking for more information or wish to buy the product you can check out the Play n’ Wrap  at or contact them via email :

*This is not a paid review, but I do get to keep the product! Yay!

** I do really love the product.

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3 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    What an awesome idea! I could absolutely use one of these.

  2. I’ve seen these before (or very very similar) & keep meaning to get my hands on one. Our Lego is housed in several tubs – which ALL get emptied out every time any of the boys play with the Lego, which of course makes the tidy up a massive job…usually for Mum.

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