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Hope for Accreta, First Birthday

Marcella’s First Birthday

Marcella’s First Birthday Well the milestone of the first birthday has been reached. Wow, what an emotional day. Due to an incident the night before, where I was left feeling unsupported, not by friends...

Silly Faces 0

Be Silly With Your Children!

Be Silly With Your Children! Are silly with your children? As Mothers we often spend a lot of time thinking about the day to day things. * Making sure everyone is dressed * Are...

On life support after percreta. 16

Surviving Percreta

My Full Story of Surviving Percreta From time to time things happen in our lifetimes that test our faith. This is the story of an experience that tested mine that resulted in another glorious...

Beef and Beans Casserole Recipe 0

Warm Beef and Beans Casserole.

In Winter here in Australia, So time for some tasty hearty warm Meals!  Beef and Beans Casserole Ingredients 3 Cans of Tomatoes, or 15 frozen Tomatoes 5 tb Worcestershire sauce; we use organic one...

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Family Dinner Table

The Family Dinner Table is Important.   We have always wanted to create and have a close knit family. One of the many ways to help create that in our fast pace lives is...

Container Gardening 0

GO Container Gardening!

Grow your own! As the years have gone by, we became increasingly aware of how additives and pesticides have an impact on our bodies, and have an increasing desire be in more control over what...

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