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Hi all if you have been a follower of my blog then you would know it’s been pretty quiet of late.  Well there are a number of reasons for that.

1. I’m studying full time!  – Naturopathy

2. Life with 7 children and homeschooling is busy.


3. I’ve started a new business with one of my best friends Kelli Schultz from Changing Meal Habits!


I’m exciting to be able to share this with all of you. I have a deep passion to see people healed, living there lives to the full.


After my experience with Marcella’s birth and coming so close to death, I know how important it is to make the best out of your life.  You only get one shot at it! and it can be over in seconds. So I hate seeing people not enjoying their lives. One thing that really takes away from their enjoyment and getting as much out of life is health.  When it’s gone you know how important it is.

Kelli and I both want to see people free.  Free from sickness, depression, illness, limitations to have a wonderful life.   So I’m extremely excited to say that Nourishing Therapeutics was born. Born out of this desire to help people take control of their lives and their health.  

You can read more about Kelli’s story and making choices that changed her life here.

So come check us out and say HI! I look forward to seeing you there.

– Christina


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