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Christmas gatherings are a time when people, family and friends come together to celebrate Christmas and catch up on what has been happening during the year.

For me during this time I had several experiences where people noticeably judged me, who I am, what I know and what I have thoughts and opinions on based on my job title, or as a mother lack of job title.  I was cut out of several conversations because it was assumed I wouldn’t have anything interesting or valuable to add to the conversation.  I have to say this frustrated me quite a bit, that people would judge me because I carry the job title of Mother.

Now if you “know” me in real life, you would know that I have wear many hats. I have a Bachelor of Performing Arts, a Bachelor of Teaching, I’m a student of Naturopathic Medicine, a health consultant, I teach fermentation lessons, been a  home educator officially for 6 year,  a writer for 5 years, and now a Foundation President.  I have many many more hats that I wear, and many interests. So the experience of being spoken down to and treated as uneducated is not one that I have all the time, so it surprises me when I am.

Nobody meme


One of my favourite quotes by Theodore Roosevelt.


You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t care about people, no one wants to listen to you.  It’s when you care for people that they know why you are sharing with them is coming from a place of love, A desire to want the best for them.  Now your idea of what is best for them might not be the same as theirs, so your advice might not be taken, but they will still know that you are sharing from a place of caring for them, not big noting yourself.

The holidays and gatherings got me thinking, are we really our job title?

It’s one of the first things that people try and find out about you when you are first introduced. Your name, where you live, and what you do. We use that information to gauge where to take the conversation, find something in common to talk about and to just plain judge what sort of person we think you are.I would like to suggest that the question of Job Title gives some of the least interesting information about the person your talking to in most cases, of course that doesn’t hold true for those that actually have super interesting jobs.  But for many our Job Title isn’t the most interesting things about us, and not always the thing that we want to talk about on holidays.

I propose we start asking another question. Once we get beyond What is your name? and Where are you from? and that is: What do you Love?!

When you ask someone what they love, you open the conversation up to so much more possible directions, and you open the person up to a meaningful conversation talking about something they are passionate about.   Our Job titles say so little about us as a person and what really matters to us, but our passions say so much more. It is always surprising to me to find out the many and varied interests that people have and how they would spend their time if money wasn’t an issue.  I also think this question can serve many purposes.Firstly of course, being that you become involved in an interesting conversation, you can find out more about the real person and things that they care about, and secondly, you are helping that person define what they love.

To first follow your own personal passion and loves, you need to know what they are.  We can’t all quit out jobs and follow out passions full time, but we can live more fulfilling lives by including more of our passions in it. If you spent at least 20 mins a day doing something you really love you would be a nicer person to be around, and the whole community benefits from that. We could call it doing a “community service”.

SO when you next meet someone new or someone old, why not  try asking them what is it that they love?  Give it a try and let me know how you go.

Leave me comment and tell me your passions and what you love.

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6 Responses

  1. Great comments Christina. People like to judge people just like a book! I find it’s not just our ‘titles’; what we wear, how we look and even our accessories can cause a person to decide everything about a person before even talking to them!
    Great advice!

    • Christina says:

      So true! The fact that I’ve has a rushed day and just put on what I could grab, doesn’t mean what I have to say will be any less interesting or important. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Fabulous post Christina and so very true. Even the title of “mother” encompasses so many different job titles and no two mothers are the same. Being a mother allows me, like you, to explore so many different areas that I love and I love to share those with others, hence the reason I started my blog 🙂

  3. Anita says:

    What a great post and fantastic suggestion for converation topic! I wish i got asked that, I too have experienced being relegated to “mother” in a negative sense as if that’s who I am. As if all mothers are the same! I am Anita. I love gardening, reading to my children, cooking, reading a good book, writing poetry, i’m an english/french major and love making coffee with a proper coffee machine and milk frother, i pride myself on my ability to get some of the thickest , creamiest cappuccino froth possible, and know that skim milk happens to froth better (the only reason to ever favour skim milk imho!) 😉

    • Christina says:

      I love it. How quickly we judge and forget that everyone is different. If I were a coffee drinker I would want to try one of your coffees. You make it sounds tasty. 🙂

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