Homeschool Journal Writing

I shared recently about writing to pen friends as one the ways we try to make writing fun, another tool we use is Journaling.  I have done this for the last few years. I have my children draw about activities that we have done during the week, or at our homeschool get together, and depending on there age, they dictate what they want to write, or when old enough write it themselves.  I don’t correct the spelling in this journal like I do there other forms of writing activities, because I want it to be a good record of their abilities, and something we can look over and see how they have grown over time.  I am also hoping to help them develop the skills of keeping a record of there lives, and will aim to journal most days as they get older and older.

This is an example from my 9 years journal, I let her choose the ones that she wanted share.

journal .jpg


Do you have your children keep a journal? How to do work it for them?

– Christina

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