HCG Weight Loss Results – Round 2

So I been finished Round 2 of HCG weight loss Homeopathic Drops (Changing Habits) for while now,  but it has taken a while to get to sharing those results with you. During the time of finishing and now I’ve been overseas to Nashville, came home very sick and three weeks later still recovering. Since the birth of Marcella my immune system has been very low. I think because of all the blood, antibiotics and surgeries required. So now it’s slow going rebuilding my normally really good immune system. So in saying all that it has taken me a while to get myself together to get these results out to you. Thank you for your patience.

Here are my before and after photos from round 1.

Round 1 B&A Sept14

And the Results from Round one….

Starting    –   Finishing      =   Loss


140kg      –    127.3kg       –    12.7kgs


140cm    –     130cm     =    10cm


154cms    –     144cm    =    10cm


83cm      –       76cm      =    6cm


47cm      –    47cm      =   0cm


140cm     –  135cm       = 5 cm


132cm      –   125cm      = 7cm

Totalling – 38cm loss. 

Now for the results of Round 2


So here goes…..

Starting    –   Round1 –   Round 2       =   Total Loss


140kg      –    127.3kg       –   117.1kgs    =  22.9kgs


140cm    –     130cm    –    125cm  =    15cm


154cms    –     144cm   –    138cm  =    16cm


83cm      –       76cm  –    73cm    =    9cm


47cm      –    47cm   –  41cm    =   6cm


140cm     –  135cm    –   125cm      =1 5 cm


132cm      –   125cm    –   118cm  = 14cm

Totaling  – 75 cm loss. 


As you can see I’m quiet happy with those results,  another 10 kgs off  bring my total loss to over 22kgs or 50lbs.  I have another 7kgs to loss before getting that major goal of 30kgs off that I have gains since coming home from hospital and surviving the depression with Chocolate and crap food.  Once I get to that goal I’ll then be working on my goal to awesome health 🙂

When you have been over weight for a long time you can start to believe that is how you will be for the rest of your life, and I’m glad to say that it’s not true at all. I know there are other great ways to drop the weight like HFLC ( High Fat Low Carb) which is what I do 70% of the time, but the more time I spend with me the more I learn about my personality and this phase of my life. For me RIGHT NOW, while I’m still over coming the health issues, I work best in short bursts of strict consistent effort, which is want HCG is doing for me. It is also helping bring my hormones back in line after the hysterectomy.

This time round I have been recording my journey in vlogs which you are more than welcome to view.

I will be starting my next round on the 2nd of January 2015, if you are watching my results and thinking you would like to join me, I have started a facebook group for that round if you would like some support and encouragement feel free to just into that group.



Don’t forget you can follow my HCG Journey on Facebook,

From Life Support to Life.

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