HCG Results Round 1

When I first started the HCG Journey I was pretty quiet about it, I didn’t share with many people that I was doing it, only a few close friends. One close friend in particular joined me on the journey and became my HCG Buddy. We were good friends before but doing this together has helped us get closer. Sharing the ups and downs with someone really helps it go much easier.

I was quiet about it because I wasn’t sure how I would go, if I would be able to stick to it, and what the results would be like.

Since seeing the results I am very happy with the way it has turned out, and with each round I am learning more about myself and my body.  In between rounds, I’m learning to trust my body again, and building my strength.

In the beginning I didn’t use an app to help record my results I used good old pen and paper. So I thought today I would take the time to share with you my results from the first round, not just weight but also my measurements, because it’s the combination of both that help you know what is going on in your body.



So here goes…..

Starting    –   Finishing      =   Loss


140kg      –    127.3kg       –    12.7kgs


140cm    –     130cm     =    10cm


154cms    –     144cm    =    10cm


83cm      –       76cm      =    6cm


47cm      –    47cm      =   0cm


140cm     –  135cm       = 5 cm


132cm      –   125cm      = 7cm

Totalling – 38cm loss. 

Round 1 B&A Sept14

My before & After photos of round 1.

Here are some more of my before photos.



This on is from June 18th this year

10401471_10152419642186072_5015432948053128011_n (1)

This one is from Sept 2014 (this year, about a week after start round 2)

10678791_876304429054396_8208667317103135971_n (2)

Since Marcella’s birth I have been on a learning curve of trusting my body again and trusting the strength that I have. One of the ways that I have been learning to do that is with walking. When I came out of hospital after the delivery I was barely able to walk, in fact I struggled to make it up the 5 stairs at my front door. Thankfully my house is set up with hand rails, which helped. I was really weak. As I got stronger I would do more, but there was one place that I have avoided because of fear.  Fear that I would be able to get myself in, but wouldn’t have the strength to get myself out. That is the Cataract Gorge. It is a beautiful place, the scenary is amazing, and a great family place, however it is hilly and has one hill in particular that is very steep. The council has put in a elevator to make it more accessible for everyone, but I would be way to embarrassed to use that. So finally after I had completed round 1 and had been exercising most days we decided to go there as a family.


And I have to say we smashed it!!!!!

Not only did we go, we did a 2 hour walk up and down hills, checked out the wild life , amazing views, and played on the equipment. We all had a great time, and everyone slept well that night.


My Amazingly supportive “Troll Family”


This journey is giving me much more than just weight loss, but also helping to give me a new life. One that I have always dreamed of.

Don’t forget you can follow my HCG Journey on Facebook, From Life Support to Life.

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