HCG Jan 2 – Getting Ready


Have you been following my journey with HCG and how much weight I have lost so far, and been thinking you would like to join me in my next round?

Well if you have, then you would know that there are only a 4 more days before we start loading. So if you haven’t already started now is the time to start preparing for success.  Thinking about how you will do loading, this time I’m going to be loading clean and only eating good fats and dropping out the major carbs  so that I don’t have too bad a headache and detox in that first week.  What you will eat for those two days?, and then what your going to eat for the next 18-43 days after that?

Preparation is the key to great success. My friend Kelli over at Changing Meal Habits has some great tips for preparing for a HCG round in her blog post Hints and Tips.

Some of the things that I am doing in preparation are:

*weighing out my meat into 100 gram portions and freezing them.  The first time I did a round I added my herbs to the bag before freezing but then I found when I defrosted them I didn’t really want to eat that flavour at the time, which can be a big thing when you are so limited on foods.  So this time, I’m keeping everything plain and then will decide what I want to do with it from there.

* Making skimmed broth ready to go. I make my HCG broth with bones and free veggies and herbs, then skim off any fat and freeze. I don’t throw the fat away, I’m keeping the fat for loading and for after finishing the round.

* Having a vague meal plan.  I haven’t got anything set in stone yet for my meals each day, because I like to have some flexibility, but I am planning on having the ingredients for different types of meals, ie poached chicken with Cauliflower mash and Tomatoes.

* Buying lots of berries. During my second round I started making breakfast smoothies, which are 1 cup of berries (per person), green blend, probiotics, a pinch of salt and some organic stevia. My husband and myself both found this to be our favourite breakfast. So when you find something that you like and it works, stick to it.

* Having lots of herbs on hand, and checking out some recipes. Variety is the spice of life and having some changes in you meal plan help you get through.

* Focus on other things in your life.  Have a simple project or book, or activity that you like to do instead of eating. I don’t really feel hunger on HCG but I do notice the times that I would normal eat something because I’m bored become really apparent. So being prepared for those times by having something you can do that is helpful to you instead of cheating or snacking when you don’t really need too. Maybe take a walk instead.

* Have a plan for social gatherings, being able to avoid them is not always an option. So having a plan for the times that you have too, or really want to get together is a good idea. If it’s a coffee date, plan what you will order a head of time, and taking an apple with you if you need something munch on. If it’s a lunch or dinner date think about calling the restaurant  ahead of time and asking when is on the menu, or letting them know you are coming and this is what you would like to order can make the situation better for you all.

* Reread the program, whether your doing the Changing Habits Protocol or your doing another Protocol spend some time re reading your information so that you have it fresh in your mind.

* Join a support group. There are several out there on facebook. Here is mine for this round, you are welcome to join and share this journey with me and others.

I’m sure as I go along in my preparation for this round I’ll have some more tips, I would love to hear your tips ? How are you planning on doing loading?


And last but not least make sure you have your HCG. If you are doing Changing Habits you can order your drops from the links below.

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Just need the Drops or other Supplements?

And don’t forget to join The Joy of the Home and/or From Life Support to Life on facebook

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