HCG Curry Fish & Noodle Soup

Tonights dinner was one where I made three different dishes, one of the children, one for Ben and then one for me.  I don’t do this all the time, most of the time I try and aim to cook meals that I can just add a few things to for the children. However prawns are one of my favourites but my husband doesn’t enjoy them like I do, but I decided tonight I wanted prawns and thought about something that he really likes that I don’t often make because only he likes it.  Curry!.  He likes curries and spicy hot food.  So I decided that I would take the opportunity to make him something he really likes and enjoy something that I really like.

Curry Fish Soup 1

HCG Phase 2 Recipe. Serves one.


1 diced onion,

1 crushed clove of garlic,

2 tsps of  Madras Curry – Your Inspirations At Home,

1 tomato diced,

2 stalks of celery sliced,

100 grams of white fish diced. ( your choice of fish),

1/2 packet of angel hair slim noodles,

1/2 spinach,

750mls of chicken broth.



1. In a sauce pan add 1/4 cup of broth, onion, garlic and curry powder and sautee until all the liquid has gone and spices are aromatic.

2. Add tomatoes and celery for a quick stir through.

3.  Add the remainder of the broth and bring to the boil.

4. Turn off the heat and fish.

5. While the heat is cooking the fish wash noodles and place them at the bottom of a bowl.

6. Add Spinach on top of the noodles.

7. Taste and season with salt.

8. Pour soup over noodles and spinach.

9. Let the dish sit for 1 minute while the soup heats the noodles.

10. ENJOY.

Fish Spoon


This recipe makes a mild/warm curry, you can increase the heat by adding more Madras Curry or chilli.

Madras Curry

This spice blend and heaps more can be brought from my online shop, shipping to Australia and the USA.



These are the Angel Hair Noodles, available at most supermarkets in the health food isle.

Now to enjoy my dinner.

prawn dinner

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