GAPS Stage 1 Meatballs/Sausages


GAPS Stage 1 recipeGAPS Stage 1.

Breakfast Sausages/Meat Balls

Stage 1 

Serves 4


500 grams of mince (I like a mix of beef and pork when I can)

salt and pepper

1 litre of broth

2 onions

2 cloves of garlic

2 Carrots.

*** Herbs can be added if tolerated.



1. Mix and knead salt and pepper (herbs) into the mince.

2. Form into meat balls or sausage shapes.

3. Boil in beef stock with onions and garlic (if tolerated). Cooking time is around 30-40 mins. Turning over half way through.

4. Once cooked, removed them and set aside.

5. Remove broth and veggies and blend into a smooth gravy.


GAPS Stage 1 recipe


This is a family favourite for my family, and used in many of my meal plans.  The veggies and herbs can be changed so you can experiment with adding different flavours and as you progress through the diet you can also add lost of different ferments as well to keep it fresh.

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