GAPS Diary Day 11

GAPS Diary Day 11

GAPS Diary Day 11

27th April 2012

Today was a bit on the busy side, and our first outing where we needed to take our own food with us.

On Fridays we go and visit my mother and pick up our raw milk. Normally mum does lunch for us all, but now we are on the diet we need to take our lunch with us, so I was making all our meals for the day first thing this morning. We had breakfast sausages with marrow and carrots, Chicken soup with some cold chicken for lunch and Quail for dinner, which I put in the slow cooker this morning. Our breakfast sausages this morning were very tasty , especially since we added rosemary and Italian parsley that we had in our garden- Good grief they were yummy! and for something different I used a cookie cutter to cut the marrow (zucchini) into star shapes. That was FUN!

For me, today was the day that I really missed being able to get some takeaway. Fridays is normally such a late day that we usually get takeout on the way home, so we can get eating over and done and the children can go to bed. I think it will take a little while to get over this one, especially the aspect of establishing a new routine. I do, however, feel proud to be able to say that I have cooked every meal that we have had for the last 11 days. :0)

Ben is finding this afternoon hard. He is a bit disappointed that he hasn’t seen much progress with his stomach. He is getting used to the food, but just now having a bit of a tantrum about not being able to have a cup of tea again! LOL. Quite funny watching a grown man getting upset about a cup of tea.

Something else that we have been doing to help us on this journey is re-watching the Youtube GAPS courses every so often. Again, I highly recommend them.

Well I’m off. Hope you all have a great day/night.


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  1. November 29, 2015

    […] GAPS Diary Day 11 […]

  2. November 29, 2015

    […] GAPS Diary Day 11 […]

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