GAPS Diary Day 10

GAPS Diary Day 10

GAPS Diary Day 10

26th April 2012

Day 10, Oh we are so close to the two week mark!

Today has been my ‘moody’ day. I think that has far more to do with my son getting over some things, so he has been drinking from me all night, which means very little sleep for me! I hope that passes soon. We weighted ourselves today, and it looks like Ben has lost 6kgs, and I have lost 4kgs-very happy with that, and I’m looking forward to increasing those numbers. This diet isn’t just about the losing weight, it’s just an added bonus!

– It’s about healing and rebalancing our bodies.

Beside being moody, I have feel pretty good health-wise.

Food for today.

Mineral water,

Chicken Broth,

Pork, Mushrooms, Peas, onions, cooked in beef broth.

Dinner tonight was boiled Chicken, bok choy, peas, with mushroom and chicken gravy, and of course of a serving of fermented veggies.

Short and sweet for tonight guys :0) By for now, I hear my bed calling me!


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  1. November 29, 2015

    […] GAPS Diary Day 10 […]

  2. November 29, 2015

    […] GAPS Diary Day 10 […]

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