Family Dinner Table

The Family Dinner Table is Important.


We have always wanted to create and have a close knit family. One of the many ways to help create that in our fast pace lives is to treasure the family dinner table.

It is a time not only for the family eat, but for a family to commune together. Occasionally and not as much as I would like to us too, we make an event of it.  It is great to see how much the children love it.

Dressing Up the Table

We dress up the table, light candles, sing, pray and have conversations.  We have done many things over the years. I have made my own conversation box, and pray box.

In the conversation box are cards all of which contain a question to help start off a conversation, and in the pray box are cards with the names and sometimes photos of people that we would like to pray for regularly.  The children will take in turns on different nights drawing out from each of the boxes.

Get Everyone Talking and Connecting

Other nights we play the game, tell us something you love about the person sitting next to you, or across from you. We do this one on days when the children have been particularly argumentative with each other, and need to be reminded that they do actually really love each other, and are loved by the other member of there families.

It is amazing how much the children enjoy this time as a family.


What sort of things do you do to help your family stay connected? Leave me a comment

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