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You are not your Job Title

Christmas gatherings are a time when people, family and friends come together to celebrate Christmas and catch up on what has been happening during the year. For me during this time I had several...

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The Minimalist and The Materalist

Some times I really feel the pull of both these worlds. Especially at Christmas time. I said in an early post about how I feel like getting rid of all our stuff and going...

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Tenting and Travelling

I have just come back from a survivors trip to Nashville. It was am amazing time meeting up with other survival sisters and I have so much to unpack emotionally and physically from that...

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House on Fire.

A few days ago my neighbours house was on fire, you couldn’t see the flames but smoke was pouring out of the house.  I was sitting in my lounge checking emails, when I smelt...

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The New 7 Seater SUV’s – Adventure!

*Sponsored Post If you know me in real life or from facebook -world you might also know that since recovering from Marcella’s birth, during which I came very close to dying, I have taken...

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Guest Post – Debbie Rossi

Today on the blog we have a Guest Post from Debbie Rossi, from Total Being Kinesiology, talking to us about how bullying in school can effect us in our adult lives and when we become...

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