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So things have been quiet on my blog for a while. I’ve been taking a break from blogging for a number of reasons. I have heaps to say but not alway the time to say it in. One major reason is because I’ve taken the leap to go back to the study. Before I was pregnant with Marcella I had started my studies in Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy but with everything that happened during that time in my life I wasn’t able to continue so I put it on the back burner. Well last year I started thinking about doing some studies again. I had pondered a number of courses, Nursing and Business where two that I seriously considering in helping me with my work with the Hope for Accreta Foundation. However as the year went on my passion for natural and herbal medicine came back into full swing, and people started asking and talking to me again about health issues that they were having and that desire and knowledge to help them reignited my passion.

So now I’ve restarted my course and loving it. I’m excited to be delving even deeper into the world of nutrition, human anatomy, help our bodies find balance, and bring about healing.

10956050_1543562479233510_7261497405682279227_n Human physiology

For those of us that have struggled with our health for a number of reasons, whether it be trauma, lifestyle, environmental, not making good choices or not knowing what the good choices are. We know how important health is to the quality of life. I know how much I struggled after Marcella’s birth having all my independence taken away, as well as my strength and my strong immune system that I had taken for granted all my life. I was once the last one in my family to get sick, if I did get sick. But now I’m the first as I rebuild and regain my health.

This experience has just fuel my desire to help others and myself. So what does this all mean for my blog? well it probably means I might posts less, but I have every hope in sharing things with you along the way. So by no means will it “close” it will continue and I will soon start offering Wellness coaching as a service, to help those that would like some support with healing diets and I hope to open my own practice over the next couple of years for those that are local to me.

So stay tuned there are exciting advancements happening.

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  1. I can’t wait! You are such a wonderful source of knowledge and I feel blessed to have met you xx

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