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Today I have discovered that I was nominated for an award called the Health Activists Award.  I can’t put into the words how honoured I am to be nominated! It was a complete shock to me- I didn’t actually know about the award and I also do not know who nominated me;  I have been nominated for my work with Accreta families in helping to bring awareness to the condition. So needless to say I was very surprised when I received an email notifying me that I was nominated.


If you are reading this and have no idea what Accreta is here is a quick explanation:

Accreta is when the placenta attaches too deeply into the uterus during pregnancy. There are three degrees of the condition.

Accreta – where the placenta attaches too deeply into the first layer of the uterus.

Increta – where the placenta also invades the uterine muscle as well.

Percreta – where the placenta goes all the way through the uterus, and then can attach to organs (bladder, bowels, colon are the most common) and blood vessels in the area. You can read more about that here.


  Abnormal placentationsm

I had percreta and my placenta attached to my urethra, bladder and major blood vessels.  You can read my full story here.

After my experience of surviving percreta I have now gone on to be the President for the Australian Chapter of the Hope for Accreta Foundation and the Tasmanian Chapter Leader.   I have been working on spreading awareness of this condition through online groups, forums, and the media. Like many I had not heard of the condition at all until it happened to me.  I didn’t know the risk factors and didn’t know to push for things like an MRI to help give my caregivers a better idea of what they where dealing with before my delivery. Here are some of the media that I have done in the last 17 months since  Marcella’s birth.

Examiner Newspaper
Examiner newspaper, Accreta Survivor

Examiner newspaper, Accreta Survivor

Read story here. 

 Mother & Baby Australia


Read Story Here

Bub Hub


Read Story Here.  

Small Steps Parenting Online Mag

Small steps

Issue Here 

And my interview with ABC Radio

While spreading awareness is one of my goals, my major goal is supporting women and families.  I often find myself in a one-on-one environment talking with ladies, sharing my experience and supporting them as they go through their journey, or are recovering from it physically and emotionally. The impact that a pregnancy like this can have on someones life is huge and feeling like you have someone that understands and “get’s it” is really important and can help you feel normal. In hearing many ladies experiences, I thought it was important for other women to have an outlet to be able to share their stories, and to have a resource in which others can read them. I know how much sharing my story has helped me work through what happened and the feelings I was experiencing.

So I created the Accreta Hope Blogs!1908491_650140705058524_1165068603_n

Australian & New Zealand,




and UK.

I want to honor the experiences that women have been through as well as the women and babies that we have lost to this condition.

If you would like to check our my nomination or even endorse my nomination you can do it by following the LINK.

If you are reading this and you have accreta,know someone that does or did, or you just want to support those of us that do, then please take the time to check out the Hope for Accreta Foundation and follow them of facebook and twitter, and please feel free to contact me if you need to chat.



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