2014 Round up of the blogging year

2014 round up

This year has been one of many leaps and bounds for me. Facing the challenges that Accreta had for me, which has effects that were felt through out my whole life. 2014 has also seen many changes on my blog and  my writing. It has seen me move from my blogspot account to having my own domain and hosting. So I thought what a great way to start the next year on my blog by doing a round up and sharing my most popular posts from last year.

So here goes. ……..

12. Sour Dough Crepes Recipe

This is a great recipe for sour dough makers who, if you are like me, have plenty of excess starter and need a  great way to use it.

11. GAPS Intro Meal Plan Stage 1

Where I share with you the my meal plan that I used for stage one of the GAPS Intro. diet.

10. HCG Weigh Loss Results Round 2.

Sharing with you my results from my second round of HCG – using the homeopathic drops from Changing Habits.

9. Pumpkin Puffs GAPS Recipe.

A yummy grain free meal for the whole family.

8. The Minimalist and The Materialist.

My struggles with the two worlds that surround me. Wanting to live more like a minimalist while living in a materialist society.

7. Let Share….. Breastmilk!.

Written by Anita The Happy Mother, Sharing about the amazing gift of breast milk that she gave to me and my baby Marcella after my traumatic birth left me without the ability to produce milk.

6. Bean Cake GAPS Recipe

This is a favourite one for our whole family, GAPS or no GAPS, it’s enjoyed by most!

5. Exercise – Have a  Walking Group

As I start to take control of my health and well being in 2014 I started several walking groups as a way to connect with friends and get healthy together.

4. An Accreta Miracle – A Husband’s Tale.

My husband shares Marcella’s birth from his side, the struggles of not knowing if his wife would live and what that experience was like for him.

3. Starting out on GAPS

I get asked all the time “How do I get started on GAPS?” So this post is me putting together all the information that I share with people when they are new to GAPS and know they want to do down that road to healing there bodies and mind.

2. HCG Weight Loss Results Round 1.

My Results from my first round of HCG, and why I’m doing it.

And of  course number 1.  Is………


1. Surviving Percreta

Sharing my personal story of surviving this condition.

So this is my year is posts, thanks for sharing it with me and I look forward to what the new year will bring.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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2 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    What a great list of posts. I love your amazing story of being given breast milk for your child. Go mama! xx

    • Christina says:

      Thank you, I have been amazed at the kindness that has been given to me, in getting through one of the toughest times in my life.

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